MishCatt's Acoustic Version of Midnight Sun Is CaptivatingOn MishCatt’s acoustic version of Midnight Sun, she shines a light on her inner self. The emotionally-rich acoustic sounds carry a nuance offering a path into MishCatt’s thoughts. It is a fitting companion for the vocals, as they gently dance around each other, elevating the intensive dialogue with self.

“‘Midnight Sun’ looks at a more hopeful high of being close to someone, but still being far away from that natural essence,”  “It has an almost sad positivity to it, that you’re close to this person, but still not as
close as you want to be.” – MishCatt

MishCatt merges two concepts – self, and dialogue in an insightful way highlighting the interconnection of self and society. Midnight Sun is an introspective and complex song, however, MishCatt uncomplicates it. With her lyrics and delivery, she keeps you captivated.

Midnight Sun was first released laced with synth-pop psychedelic instrumentals, which is worth checking out.
It is the second single, from MishCatt’s latest EP, The Real Pavo set for release in April 2020.