'Like You Used To' by Skip Curtis is heartbreaking and triumphant‘Like You Used To’ by Skip Curtis is heartbreak and triumph all in one. The words ‘Like You Used To’ are words you do not want to utter in a relationship. As it stands, its the precursor to the break up of a relationship. It’s all too relatable because we all experience it at some point in our lives.

Skip Curtis paints a vivid picture of the emotional struggle suffered during the denial stage of breakup and heartbreak. His vocals and the acoustic guitar emphasizes the sea of confused and complicated emotions. His lyrics and soaring chorus send sensations of emotion giving you glimpses of what it is to go through such an experience.

However, even as you listen to Skip, you feel a sense of triumph. In as much as you do not want a relationship to break up, you know when it is irreparable. And it’s the unexpected nature of it all that deals the worst blow. Now you can start your journey to recovery.

‘Like You Used To’ is taken from Skip’s debut album ‘Culture Violet’ planned for release in 2020.