Toronto Girl Group BLK Drop Official Music Video Got It

Thu Nov 12 2020

The new girl group BLK drop the official music video Got It. BLK made up of the trio of Bexk, Lilac X, and Korahjay bring a catchy and infectious sound to the fore-front, effortlessly fusing hip-hop, R&B, and pop elements on the new single Got It. With each member offering unique quality and talents but maintaining substantiated chemistry and organic balance. […]

Ride The Tidal Wave Of Emotions On Poor Control By HRTLSS

Tue Aug 04 2020

Ride the tidal wave of emotions on Poor Control by HRTLSS as he spirals down the emotional scale. The song floats with hazy tendencies predominant throughout, and the synchronized electronic embellishments on the background sounds create a dramatic feeling that enshrouds you. The vocals from HRTLSS flow with gusto evoking intense feelings of vulnerability. It […]

We Are Here For It All With Noah Slee

Sat Jun 06 2020

We are Here For It All with Noah Slee as he pledges solidarity with intoxicating and bewitching sounds. Here For It All is a flawless blend of hazy RnB vocals on a bed of soulful and jazzy instrumentals. With the addition of a smooth hip-hop flow from the Californian rapper, Mike Nasa adding the finishing […]

Experience Spatial Awareness With CIRCULATE By NÁPOLES

Mon May 04 2020

Experience spatial awareness with CIRCULATE by NÁPOLES as she concocts what we can only qualify as space poetry with urban soul. The Swedish songstress takes us on an interstellar journey of her thoughts, losing herself to ethereal possibilities. Her seductive vocals swim through the void of space and time, making her presence stand out. And […]

Nyne Shares A Unique Outlook On ‘Champagne Life’

Fri Feb 28 2020

Nyne’s single ‘Champagne Life’ offers a unique outlook on the typical assumption of what this lifestyle is. The RnB singer delivers her vocals effortlessly with a smooth and laidback tempo.  However, the lyrics tell a darker story of how one can get lost chasing a dream. And the deeper you go the harder it is to […]

Ash Drops ‘Do You?’ – RnB Soul At Its Finest

Sat Feb 22 2020

‘Do You?’ by Ashley Faatoalia, also known as Ash, is a ballad that takes you on a journey down memory lane of the good and the bad in a past relationship. Ash’s vocals are hushed and easy-going, but he still delivers his message: “It wasn’t meant to be, but that doesn’t keep me from thinking […]

Video Premiere: Roman Harris – ‘Upon A Lifetime’

Fri Oct 04 2019

“You were mine, but life came and tore us apart, now I need to know who’s taking care of your heart” Roman Harris unveils the music video to his latest release; another dreamy soul-filled piece, ‘Upon A Lifetime.’ Every lyric, every note makes its mark on your heart. A satisfying rhythm and caramel vocals wash […]

Video Premiere: NILUM Introduces His Debut ‘Numb’

Thu Jul 25 2019

Repetitive thudding sets the tone for this disjointed, mysterious track. It’s an odd mix of Hip-Hop and Emo but strangely, it works. London-based NILUM introduces the visuals for his debut single, ‘Numb’, and despite it sounding slightly indecisive, it is very effective. There’s a gothic tone to the track, making you wonder if ‘Numb’ is going […]

Exclusive Interview With Alora

Thu May 16 2019

“London to Lagos, our journey made us” Alora blends a melting pot of genres and cultures in her music. Her recent release ‘The Homecoming’ fuses gritty wordplay and soft RnB over a chilled electronic beat. The East Londoner explores her heritage and travels through her lyrics and visuals. Her flair for performing earned her a […]

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