‘Do You?’ by Ashley Faatoalia, also known as Ash, is a ballad that takes you on a journey down memory lane of the good and the bad in a past relationship.

Ash’s vocals are hushed and easy-going, but he still delivers his message:

It wasn’t meant to be, but that doesn’t keep me from thinking of you from time to time.
Both of us were hurt but we really tried to make it work but we like making love the most.
We are better off without each other to break us down.
But I just can’t help it I gotta know, do you think about me still.” 

Even though he’s genuine and you can feel the pain and longing, it is selfish. However, Ash convinces the listener it’s alright to revisit past trysts. Although explaining why it did not work out in the past and why it would probably still not work out.

It is a complete mind f*** prevalent in the late ’90s and early 2000 RnB. The chord progression on ‘Do You?’ captures the elements of what has made RnB great in the past years. ‘Do You?’ is immaculately produced and delivered – it is RnB soul at its finest. 

Listen out for the trumpet entry at the 2.52 point which adds an exciting vibe to the track.

‘Do You?’ is taken from Ash’s latest project ‘Extra’. It was written with Ash’s producer and collaborator, Ryan Stockbridge (1500 or Nothing, HBO) and features a horn solo by legendary Phil Lassiter (lead horn for Prince, Fred Hammond, Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton).