Experience Spatial Awareness With CIRCULATE By NÁPOLES

Experience spatial awareness with CIRCULATE by NÁPOLES as she concocts what we can only qualify as space poetry with urban soul. The Swedish songstress takes us on an interstellar journey of her thoughts, losing herself to ethereal possibilities. Her seductive vocals swim through the void of space and time, making her presence stand out. And the soulful instrumentals mesh so well with the flow of NÁPOLES’ delivery with constant balance. It makes the track captivatingly smooth with the heavy influence of R&B, Soul, Jazz, and hip-hop.

For some reason, the song feels short, but it’s just that time flies when you indulge in spatial delights. CIRCULATE is an experience you want to repeat, so add it on to your playlist today.

 “The inspiration comes from my everyday life. I wrote ‘Circulate’ at a time when I was thinking about the universe, space and how everything is connected. At night, I would watch ‘Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey’ and read books of that nature, and during the day at work, I would daydream a lot about these themes. I was also figuring myself out as an artist, and the exploration of my sound, combined with all these thoughts, led to the making of ‘Circulate’. I want my music to be fun, smooth and energetic at the same time, and I think that comes across on this song”. –NÁPOLES

The track was produced by fellow Swedish creatives Chapee and Wihib Sulaiman, and co-written by NÁPOLES and Joe Lefty. Her debut EP Slowin It, is due for release in summer 2020.