Izzy EzeIzzy Eze has released a powerful song for her debut. ‘Woman’ celebrates confidence and female empowerment and is an ideal release around International Women’s Day 2019. Produced by the J-Go, ‘Woman’ is an R&B / Pop fusion with a fearless style and soulful vocals.

The London based singer-songwriter says of ‘her debut, “I wrote ‘Woman’ mainly because I wanted people, especially women, to know that they are strong, powerful and that they can do anything. As women, we tend to apologise for being who we are but this song does the exact opposite. It says, ‘hey, look at me! I am a woman, I am unapologetic about it and I am ready to conquer the world!”

Lyrics are forthright, punchy and filled with attitude:

Do I offend you, why you looking so worried?
Do I offend you? Where are you going in a hurry, baby? d
Do I offend you if my hair is too big,
Do I offend you cos I know who I am,
Do I offend you cos I don’t need compliments to know I am – woman.

Izzy Eze has been singing and performing cover songs around the UK and is also a spoken-word poet, actress, and law graduate. She is a positive spirit who believes in encouraging others to be happy, and pursue their God-given passions like she is. The anthemic ‘Woman’ is certainly a testament to this and a bold debut.

Izzy comments, “Writing this song actually flowed quite naturally. I think I was tired of frequently being asked to get my eyebrows threaded… and then Woman happened.

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