Killa Yan‘TREE’ is the last single from Killa Yan’s self-reflective trilogy In previous single ‘WON’, Killa Yan revealed an untold tale of his battle and victory over fear. In ‘Tu’ he shared an encrypted message for his future wife which was hidden within analogies and metaphors. In this most recent and conclusive release ‘Tree’ Killa addresses previous relationships with family, friends, and ex-lovers and returns to his reflective tone. The trilogy was produced by Dublin’s native Shortcut and Chili.

The singer-songwriter originally from Dublin is now based in London and has created his own label ALLIK Records. He began writing music and performing when he was young, competing in talent shows and eventually joining a gospel choir. Along with artists including Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Biggie Smalls, and Jon Bellion it inspired him to pursue music as a career. When he was 19 years old he dropped out of BIMM music college in Dublin and spent his time in recording studios creating songs for local artists.

‘TREE’ (which refers to the Irish pronunciation of the number three) has a lo-fi melancholy feel with woozy production and reflective lyrics:

I can’t take chances so luckily, everything they sell you is luxury,
Try my patience, once it got ugly, it got ugly,
Where did you go, this was our home and you lost it all,
If I get exposed it’s a free for all, put on a show,
It’s a miracle, it’s a miracle.

Killa comments that​ “Music is the one miracle that keeps me on a positive journey of sowing my own family ‘Tree’ one day”​.

The young artist is currently finalising his upcoming first EP and he will be performing in London on May 16th. His music smoothly fills the space between hip-hop, R&B, and chillwave with an electronic edge. His honest portrayal of his trials and tribulations from past years through metaphorical techniques prove he is definitely one to watch.

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