Kyle DionOn the 8th March, Californian sensation Kyle Dion released his new album titled ‘SUGA’; an angelic 13 track experience that is a must-listen for any avid RnB lover. At only 24 Dion is rich in soulful flavour and vocally next to none possessing an unbelievable falsetto that fills every track. Kyle gives me an Anderson Paak/Jay Prince vibe, however still managing to capture a groove and personal style rare for this decade’s musical landscape.

‘On Fire’ is the first track and our introduction to the album which kicks off with the faint backdrop of applause upon which he drops a funky beat and silky vocals. This transitions halfway into a captivating dialogue on the trials and tribunals of success, encapsulating a big part of Dion’s intentions with this project. Dissecting topics such as fame, money, love, and temptation this album is timeless Soul from start to finish. His lead single ‘Brown’ which was released early last year is a smooth, nostalgic ode to his woman and a definite highlight from the album.

Kyle Dion gives off a major Prince aesthetic in his music video for ‘Brown’, definitely not a bad thing at all.

‘SUGA’ should be listened to when you have time to fully soak in it; perhaps winding down with a bath and a glass of wine at the end of the day. Watching the sunset or even sunrise, or played during a dinner date with a loved one. However, you choose to listen to it; know that this album was designed for relaxation.

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