Get A Rocket By Melpo Mene Creates A Euphoric Experience

Thu Nov 05 2020

As soon as you hear the first lyric, “I was on the other side, I will see you again“, you are engulfed in the emotional whirlpool that is Get A Rocket by Melpo Mene. The Swedish indie-pop artist had me at hello with this soaring song filled with luscious layers of shimmering instruments, atmospheric harmonies, […]

Find Inner Peace In The Soothing Harmonies Of The Child By Grace Gillespie

Wed Nov 04 2020

Find inner peace in the soothing harmonies of The Child by Grace Gillespie. With ever-changing sounds with gentle vocals from Grace wrapped around tranquil acoustics, you find yourself transported into a dream-like state. The Child has roots in country blues ballad though the delicate instrumentals give it a touch of folk. The longer you listen […]

Fialta Lifts Your Mood With Omg

Thu Oct 01 2020

“Omg I really gotta wake up” is something David Provenzano may be repetitively telling me, but waking up from this summery whirlwind of a rabbit hole is something I don’t want to do. The continued patchy thuds that blister this immediately catchy track give a unique, fun element and it’s vibrating and poppy. Omg is […]

Palo Santo Is An Intoxicating Cocktail Of Sounds From Amanda Frances

Fri Sep 11 2020

Palo Santo is an intoxicating cocktail of sounds from up and coming indie electro-pop singer-songwriter Amanda Frances. Her latest single was self-penned and mixed by Erik Madrid (Khalid, Madison Beer, Lauv). Despite its electro-pop tones, Palo Santo has a dark, edgy feel to it. Combined with Amanda’s sugary vocals, it stands out as an innovative […]

Lose Yourself In The Enchanting Lullaby Day Like Yesterday By Darling

Mon Sep 07 2020

Lose yourself in the enchanting lullaby Day Like Yesterday by Darling. The duo sings with warm vocals that wind slowly on a blissful mix of instrumentals that evokes feelings of introspection. It’s a reckoning of sorts, reflecting on missed opportunities but not wallowing in them. Guess I’ve been waiting on a day like yesterday All […]

i remember Is A Reflective Song From Sky McCreery

Mon Sep 07 2020

i remember, the new track from Sky McCreery‘s latest EP will resonate if you’re in a reflective mood. In fact, it’s the ideal song as a background for writing with its dreamy, lo-fi indie sound. The song delves into the 18-year-old artist’s mind as he relays melancholic memories. Tender acoustics and gentle production are the […]

Explore The Melancholic Vibes Of Incomplete By Sofila

Thu Aug 20 2020

Explore the melancholic vibes of Incomplete by Sofila. She delves deep into the recesses of her mind pondering upon the myriad of possibilities in regards to her state of being. Incomplete is a conscious track born out of her personal experiences, and Sofila takes you on an emotional intense journey. Sofila displays vulnerability in her […]

Premiere: daysormay Questions The Meaning Of Life In Running

Thu Aug 13 2020

Cause if all that matters is how I turn out in the end,Then I got all this time to spend There’s no running away from daysormay‘s new single as it burrows into your psyche and questions the meaning of life. Soaked in chilled vibes with bursts of cacophony which reflect the themes of mental chaos […]

Ross Quinn Drops Electronic Indie Track Breathing

Fri Aug 07 2020

London singer-songwriter Ross Quinn drops the electronic indie track Breathing. The song flourishes with affirmative qualities on a bed of electronic instrumentals. Ross Quinn’s gentle vocals and delivery merge blissfully, creating an ambient mood. The track bubbles with reflective tendencies perfect for a hot summer day. It’s very easy to lose yourself in the chilled […]

Escape Into Pure Bliss With Tommy Ashby’s Everywhere Is Home

Mon Jul 27 2020

With hints of The Script’s Danny O’Donoghue’s smooth vocal tone, Scotland’s Tommy Ashby has captivated everyone at Neon with his beautiful pop-rock delivery on his new single Everywhere Is Home. Opening with an electric guitar arpeggio, which has been produced with a similar, soft sound to the hook performed in The Script’s hit single The […]

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