Jillian Lake’s Bleed Baby Bleed Has Its Own Identity

by Beth Shipley

17th April, 2020

The mystical, echoey tones of Jillian Lake’s Bleed Baby Bleed makes you feel tense and calm all at the same time. It’s not quite a classic acoustic love song but it has its own identity.

Bleed Baby Bleed is slightly distorted sounding with Lake’s mellow voice guiding you through the track in a fragmented but swishy fashion. The song is filled with a pretty piano background and wavy, fairy-like gentle sounds. It’s a gentle mess, and that’s meant positively. There’s a vague distorted background with a soothing voice on top, mellowing the track out. It’s a beautiful darkness. It’s childlike but careful.

Jillian Lake has the foundations to become a gentle, wavy acoustic artist with her heartfelt lyrics and dark, mysterious music. There are many elements to Bleed Baby Bleed and that’s what makes it so intriguing. It’s exciting to think about what Lake will release next.

Surprisingly, the lyrics race around your head which is a shock as it is quite difficult to piece together what Lake is singing but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a misty, dreamy listen. It’s a happy mess of swaying lyrics and steady, tense guitar plucks. And this is what takes Jillian Lake away from generic acoustic artists writing about love because it isn’t a sugary-sweet bubblegum ballad.

Bleed Baby Bleed is like treading water, an uncertain, uneven tense state but it’s enjoyable and you want more.

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