Sarah Carton’s Beaches On The Thames Is A Perfect Message For Our World Today

by Grace Lovejoy

10th July, 2020

Beaches On The Thames is the latest single from award-winning singer and songwriter Sarah Carton, and it’s the perfect song for those needing a brief escape from the lows of lockdown. It’s a cool and laid-back track that has such a free-flowing and easy sound. You’ll almost feel like you’re on holiday, watching the swaying of calm waves on the beach in time with the beat.

Beginning with delicate instrumentation that is paired with what can be compared to the pattering of rain, or gentle crashes of waves, it becomes clear that this isn’t your typical indie track. There’s something more behind it, and you’re instantly hooked.

We’re soon joined by relaxed bedroom-style beats which create the perfect base for Sarah’s vocals that are a mixture of singing and spoken word, similar to the style of music from the band The Streets.

Sarah Carton is not only talented within the realms of music, but also in other creative fields, such as acting and in spoken-word poetry. Both of these talents are clear as day in this song, from the composition of lyrics to the expression and clarity of her voice. This track is really one of a kind.

Although it’s a beautiful track that’s pleasing to the ear, the thought process and story behind the track delves into a more serious topic. It touches on the connection we have as human beings to the environment, and how more specifically during our time of lockdown, the environment we live in has shown big changes, such as the clearing of water in the Venice canals.

Beaches On The Thames blends themes of politics with personal relationships which elegantly tells us to slow down and appreciate the people in our lives and the Earth we live on right now. It’s a perfect message for our world today.

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