There Is A Lot To Love About Stephen's Latest Track Stray NightsThere is a lot to love about Stephen’s latest track Stray Nights. It fuses indie and alternative with an electric pulse running through. The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist tends to release really interesting, eclectic music you can just sink into and Stray Nights is no exception. There is a rich tapestry of bass, drums, and guitar licks and the male / female vocals(from Chloe Angelides) adds an extra layer. 

Stray nights, hold you in the bright sky
Fuck around in the back seat, you and I
Everyone’s lookin’ for something
You say that you want it
You know that I got it 

Stephen describes Stray Nights as having two layers, “The outer layer represents his longing for someone who is so not trying to be anyone, who is so outside the drama, who doesn’t belong in a big city. The deeper layer is the personification of breathing and meditation, of coming home to the now, the heart, the compassion, the total lack of expectation and just pure acceptance of what is. The return to nothingness.

Stray Nights is taken from Stephen’s upcoming album Akrasia.