Gravity Circus's Shuteye Depicts A Life Of Solitude And AlienationThe self-titled ‘Schizophrenic indie/pop-rock’ duo, Gravity Circus, has released their latest single which is about a life of solitude and alienation. Ironically, it was written months before this current time of isolation and uncertain dismay.

Jimmy Nagaura’s raw sound in Shuteye shares a likeness with Declan McKenna and DMA’S’ Tommy O’Dell – although grittier and with a less bouncy, happy-go-lucky tone. There are many elements to this easy-listening, confident track; it’s buzzy TV music with jingles and a kick driving through, the pounding heartbeat of the single. The Netherlands based band definitely showcase their schizophrenic sound. Shuteye’s sharp, scratchy Fret Buzz sends shivers then dips into a relaxed, steady beat. There’s a crackly fuzz in the background, it’s subtle but it’s the kind of fuzz analogue TV sets made when a flicker of black and white dots appeared. It’s dark but jingly, catchy and gritty.

Nagaura’s coarse voice carries a weight of importance; it separates Shuteye from generic indie tracks and gives it an edgier element and it’s own identity. A lot is going on behind the scenes of this track, many components layered to create a simple complexity. It all works steadily and easily.

Compared to 2019’s summery release, Lemon Sharks, Shuteye is definitely darker. It’s quite a stark comparison in sound as the latter is far more dejected and gloomy. This perfectly shows Gravity Circus’s range and their obvious talent – they have the ability to easily shift a mood through music.

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