Limón Limón - Normal NowThere’s something about ‘Normal Now’ that immediately sits you in a field with the sun beating down and a fruity cider in your hand. It’s the perfect summer song: upbeat but chilled enough that you melt away and just smile.

LA-based Indie duo Limón Limón seamlessly fuses inventive beats with clever lyrics which is more impressive considering they play five instruments between them as well as produce the vocals. There’s a subtle New Order – Blue Monday element with the constant thuds, it’s not as pounding or distinctive but it’s still as simple and effective.

‘Normal Now’ carries 80s synth sounds which make for the perfect easy-listening, summers day track. There are spikes of zesty notes and hues of carefree happiness with glimmery flicks and a continuous happy beat; it’s a perfect festival track.

Allusondrugs springs to mind with the powerful calmness of ‘Normal Now’, the track is simple yet so effective. Obviously, Allusondrugs’ angry grunge aspect isn’t apparent here but the flow of calming, easy-flowing, summery sounds is.

‘Normal Now’ will be the song of this summer.