Fialta Lifts Your Mood With Omg

“Omg I really gotta wake up” is something David Provenzano may be repetitively telling me, but waking up from this summery whirlwind of a rabbit hole is something I don’t want to do. The continued patchy thuds that blister this immediately catchy track give a unique, fun element and it’s vibrating and poppy.

Omg is the latest release from Fialta, the indie-pop four-piece hailing from California, ahead of their upcoming album. It’s refreshing to see a band made up of both males and females and this is channeled in the track; softer female sounds of Sarah Shotwell cutting through the quirky, echoey tones of Provenzano. Circa Waves spring to mind, with a touch of Glass Animals’ peppiness and bouncy attitude. Happiness is carried through the track; it exudes radiance and jingly, quirky beats. Instantly, Omg drags you in with the immediate irregular thudding and pausing – this synth-pop dream is what you’ve been waiting for to kick you out of your COVID-stricken slumber. The continuous pause builds tension and keeps you hooked. Provenzano’s flowery voice is so vibrant, it’s confident and lifts the track.

Omg is an instant hit, it’s fresh and exciting with a quirky twist. The weather is miserable outside, it’s cold and dreary but Fialta lifts your mood and suddenly it’s sunny and cheery. Considering Shotwell wrote the verse lyrics in an angry, intense moment, that doesn’t carry through in the track – Omg couldn’t be further away in sound than angry and intense. It’s a talent to turn those feelings into a sunny song that appears so carefree and effortless. Omg is an eccentric, powerful track and a well-needed kick of life.

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