Zhero Expresses Himself In Heartfelt Song Mama

Fri Jun 26 2020

Listening to Zhero’s sound on his new single Mama, it is no wonder that the multi-talented songwriter and producer is inspired by alt-pop artists such as Lana Del Rey and Troye Sivan. He composed Mama to tell his mother about his plan to go to London and follow his dreams. Zhero incorporated 80s sounds into […]

Idle Youth Releases The Brilliant Song Pompeii

Fri May 29 2020

Idle Youth releases the brilliant song Pompeii which features glorious 80s synths, and drum sounds that are captivating. It’s an amalgamation of vibrant sounds that glow like bright warming colors on an exceptional canvas. The vocals on Pompeii surf the electronic instrumentals producing a soothing effect. There is a hint of nostalgia that gives the […]

Color Theory’s Infectious Is An 80s-inspired Ode To Social Distancing

Fri Apr 17 2020

Infectious consists of catchy, gothic Electro music and an authentic tribute to the Alternative 80’s scene. Color Theory has captured this masterfully via a vocal performance reminiscent of the deep, mellow tone of Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode. It displays an overall Synth sound which is not of this era and comparable to influential artist […]

Logan Prescott’s How We Wanted Is Perfect For Chilled Summer Days

Fri Apr 17 2020

I am obsessed with this tune! How We Wanted initially reminded me of an old-school 1975 track, which is ironic because this tune throws you back in time with 80’s inspired disco- sounding synthetic beats that drive it forward. It’s just so catchy, trust me! However, the artist behind this indie-pop tune is not Matthew […]

‘Never Let It Go’ by Fat Koala Disorder Is An Artistic Piece

Fri Mar 06 2020

‘Never Let It Go’ by Fat Koala Disorder is an artistic piece. The duo consisting of Fat Koala and Disorder channels feelings of atmospheric bliss in ‘Never Let It Go. The 80s’ synths and electronic sounds create an unforgettable moment you never want to let slip away. The song represents an idea focused on moods […]

Jess Chalker’s Secrets Is Energetic & Vibrant

Fri Feb 28 2020

It is exciting listening to the multi-talented singer-songwriter Jess Chalker’s second single ‘Secrets’. The new single ‘Secrets’ is vibrant and energetic with a colourful mix of loud synths, memorable hooks, and guitar solos.. It exhibits all the qualities of the best era in music. The track is a bundle of fun with lighthearted lyrics. It […]

Natalie Shay Delivers An 80s Influenced Pop Classic With ‘Not The girl’.

Wed Feb 19 2020

Natalie Shay, the multi-award-winning artist from London, brilliantly captures the sound of the eighties with her latest single ‘Not The girl’.  Shay’s new single reiterates her love for the 80s with its rhythmic procession of synths, drum, and catchy vocals. It drives home the feeling of nostalgia from the very beginning of the track till […]

‘Change,’ A New Classic From Wesley Gonzalez

Mon Feb 17 2020

Few tracks today encapsulate the spirit of the 80s as vividly as Wesley Gonzalez’s ‘Change’ which reminds me of a stripped-back version of the 80s group the ABC’s ‘The Look of Love’. At the same time, there is an authenticity to the feeling the track evokes. You sense in his eccentricity, one might say a […]

Get To Know The Modern Strangers

Wed Nov 20 2019

The Modern Strangers will always remain a timeless band for me. Not just because I have been a fan of their music from the beginning (so, therefore, I admit I am slightly biased) but because their ageless and unique sound continuously brings me back for more – and judging by the fact I was surrounded […]

Oliver Spalding’s ‘Bow Creek’ Is A Glittering Tribute To London At Night

Fri Oct 04 2019

‘Bow Creek’ draws you into its world immediately with glittering synths, dreamy vocals, and a retro edge. The single comes courtesy of 23-year-old artist from Brighton, Oliver Spalding following the announcement of his debut album ‘Novemberism’. “The mood of the song was inspired by the twilight lightshow of Canary Wharf’s towering buildings and the gentle […]

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