Natalie Shay Delivers An 80s Influenced Pop Classic With ‘Not The girl’.

by Marcus Adetola

19th February, 2020

Natalie Shay, the multi-award-winning artist from London, brilliantly captures the sound of the eighties with her latest single ‘Not The girl’. 

Shay’s new single reiterates her love for the 80s with its rhythmic procession of synths, drum, and catchy vocals. It drives home the feeling of nostalgia from the very beginning of the track till the end.

I love authentic 80s synth and drum sounds, but I also love modern pop vocal lines and effects. And of course lots of guitars. I try to include a flavour of each of those things in my music. It was very important to me that all of the songs had their own unique stamp and vibe but still all fitted and worked together under the same project.” – Natalie Shay

The 21-year-old North Londoner has mastered a great pop vibe in the well-balanced fusion of the 80s and modern-day sounds and her new track wouldn’t sound out of place in an 80s themed TV show or classic film such as ‘Mannequin’.

The talented singer-songwriter is preparing for the release of her upcoming EP NAKED‘ – a five-track release delving into the experiences of a young woman, her relationships and life as a musician. 

Natalie Shay hits the mark as her new single transports you back to the 80s with this feel-good pop classic. 

NAKED is set for release on 17th April 2020.

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