Baby Jey Releases Tantalising Single ‘Someday My Space Cowboy Will Come’

by Ty Bennett

13th August, 2018

This summer has brought about a myriad of multi-genre anthems, popular because they cater for many headphones instead of one. Baby Jey is no exception, bringing us the first track from debut album ‘Someday Cowboy,’ which blurs the lines between 80s country music and a Paolo-Nutini esque singer-songwriter. Their first single, ‘Someday My Space Cowboy Will Come’ is a twangy, tantalising, tongue in cheek tune depicting a mirage in the desert.

The backstory of the album is almost as interesting as the lyrical focus. The Canadian two-piece recorded the full-length album in just two days, from the living room floor of their hometown. Images of blanket-covered pianos and mattress studios come to mind, as the haze of the heat swells around the room with the chorus. Despite this organic recording, the track is incredibly polished, albeit instrumentally simple.

There is a sentimentality in ‘Someday My Space Cowboy’ that translates through the 80’s country feel of it, perhaps attributed to the setting in which the musicians created the song. But it isn’t overly nostalgic, conjuring up a naughties hipster image of cactuses and triangles, but also fitting perfectly with the soundscape of Bonnie and Clyde.

Baby Jey demonstrates the expert use of mandolins and lap steel guitar which form the quirky base of this track. Keys and synth electronic guitar fuse breezily with the twangy vocals, supported by that lap steel guitar which is so refreshingly present in the chorus.

Although the tongue-in-cheek lyrics may make you smile with lines like ‘chewing on a jalapeño/walking past the old casino,’ the combination of elementary lyrics and uncomplicated instrumentals don’t demonstrate Baby Jey’s musical talent to an impressive extent, the result being an overly simplistic song. Hopefully, the rest of the album, due to release in September, will showcase more adventurous tunes.

Nevertheless, ‘Someday My Space Cowboy’ is a gentle, country laden track that may not be immortal but is still commendable.

‘Someday Cowboy’ is set for release on September 14th.

Stream ‘Someday My Space Cowboy’ and pre-order Baby Jey’s album  here.

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