TONI&MASH Is Bringing 80s Back With ‘LTGFU’ 

by Terry Guy

20th August, 2019

TONI&MASH’s debut single ‘LTGFU,’ an abbreviation of ‘Love To Get F*cked Up,’ gives their new fan base an indication of what their music will conceptually and thematically entail i.e. this psychedelic, 80’s tribute to Bananarama want to bring back Rave.

In terms of the production, the Electro duo from Berlin are not holding back at all from exposing their love for 80’s New Wave, Synth music, as well as noughties Electroclash, specifically Avenue D’s 2004 club hit ‘Do I Look Like A Slut’ via LTGFU’s Lo-Fi, keyboard drumbeat. And, let’s not forget their slurry vocal tones, which sound as though the duo have had way too much to drink, and deliver their notably trippy vibe, performed alongside bright and colourful synths, prepping you nicely for a throwback gay club.

In other words, TONI&MASH has just enough “f*ck-off” attitude to make you easily crave for more tracks from the hot, new alternative, synth-pop music act, who will even randomly drop a Reggaeton rhythm into the the instrumental section before verse 2, just for the f*cking hell of it.

Lyrically, TONI&MASH is both unashamed and welcoming – they want you to join them on their drug-infused escapade to the warehouse raves, as they sing the words “give me your favourite drugs” loud enough for all to hear what they’re up to this weekend. It’s obvious that the two synth-heads want to bring 80’s and 90’s Rave music back, especially with the inclusion of a bass line which is very reminiscent of the critically acclaimed works of Fischerspooner and their 2001 track ‘Emerge.’

Remember where you heard of TONI&MASH first and check out their brand new single ‘LTGFU’ out now.

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