Get To Know The Modern Strangers

by Grace Lovejoy

20th November, 2019

The Modern Strangers

The Modern Strangers will always remain a timeless band for me. Not just because I have been a fan of their music from the beginning (so, therefore, I admit I am slightly biased) but because their ageless and unique sound continuously brings me back for more – and judging by the fact I was surrounded by eager listeners during their latest packed out gig at London’s Oslo Hackney, I think it’s fair to say I am not the only one who shares these thoughts.

There’s truly nothing better than watching a live band where you can tell they genuinely enjoy their art and lets their audience know it through an energised set. The boys engage with their listeners as if they are all old friends (which I am sure some definitely are!) and it makes for one hell of a performance. It creates an incredible vibe between performer to listener, almost as if you are the only one watching. The Modern Strangers took to the stage with incredible energy that managed to match the crowd for the performance’s entirety.

Since 2017 where their journey began, The Modern Strangers has brought a fresh and unique sound to modern music, all the while keeping hints of the fun-filled vibes of the 80s. Whether it’s sinking back into classic fan favourites like the invigorating ‘Coco Hello’ and ‘Margarita’ or indulging in more recent gems such as ‘Visions’ and ‘Magic Hour’, the boys never fail to impress.

Grab a ticket for the boys’ next performance at Tunbridge Wells on 28th December 2019 – it’s a show you do not want to miss!

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