A Bold New Talent – Just Loud Releases ‘Episode 1’ EP

by Henry Potter

21th June, 2018

Just Loud has just released his debut EP ‘Episode 1’. Showcasing his initial first impressions with a big festival tune ‘Ghost’ with more profound unearthed thoughts questioning how humans deal with love and loneliness.

Born in Virginia spending much of his adolescence around his small local country church, Just Loud has now sprung away from his home with his rebellious and inquisitive nature to pursue music and expressing his discoveries and power of introspection.

Produced by Dave “Sluggo” Katz, known for work with Neon Trees and Katy Perry, ‘Episode 1’ shines vibes from the 80’s, a trend revived and modernised by known artists such as Lorde, Troye Sivan and Brandon Flowers.

Along with the four tracks included, ‘Angels and Demons’ has also been shared as a new music video to demonstrate Just Loud’s emotions through impactful art further. ‘Ghost’ and ‘Electrified’ has also been exposed as artist videos too, exploring human nature.

‘Electrified’ chimes in with a similar feel and melody to MGMT’s ‘Kids.’ A song dedicated to the art of the naughties/00’s Indie Dance genre. As BBC Radio 1’s DJ, Annie Mac describes the genre as part of the strength of the scene in the new millennium with “the sense of community”.

The album finishes with Just Loud’s cover of ‘Creep’ by Radiohead. A mystical version of the original, a similar take the band Nothing But Thieves did of their recent cover of ‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley. Just Loud focuses on the precision of his vocals and the feeling which comes with it, layering backing instruments which push the effectiveness of the song even further.

Just Loud’s new EP is an introspective piece of art from a bold new talent.

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