Premiere – Exxy Takes Dark Pop To Another Level In Horror Film

Fri Oct 23 2020

Just in time for Halloween, Exxy unveils her latest dark pop release horror film. The multi-talented artist directed, edited, and coloured the visuals herself wanting to portray a “dark twisted nature” during the spooky season. It started out romanticallyA storyline just like a dreamThen, the plot twisted tragicallyIt became a horror film Born from a […]

Premiere – Soak Up The Nostalgia With Laine Rex’s Debut Money Down

Fri Oct 23 2020

Soak up the nostalgia with Laine Rex‘s debut Money Down. Airy vocals, light, fluffy, shimmering synths, and gleaming guitar firmly rooted in the 80s make you feel you’re drifting on a cloud. Money Down is uplifting and bound to pull you out of the dregs of impending winter and doom. However, despite the fast-paced rhythm […]

Kid Travis Reminds Us It’s SPOOKY SZN 2020

Sun Oct 11 2020

The only spooky thing about Kid Travis’s SPOOKY SZN 2020 is how flawless it is. And the evil laugh and scary motifs to remind you it is the Halloween season after all. You get two tracks (and music videos) for the price of one with SPOOKY SZN 2020 – a playful, melodic emo hip-hop jam […]

Sansha Releases Conceptually Heartfelt Track When U Move Home

Sun Oct 11 2020

With straight-to-the-point lyrics about how much she misses her brother since he moved out of the family home and an effortlessly, soothing voice, Sansha’s fusion of both her vocals and unique music production is the perfect, Alternative, Electro-Pop combo, showcased on the new single When U Move Home. It is these elements which make Sansha’s […]

Float On Air With Melissa Ramsay’s New Single Free

Sat Oct 03 2020

Float on air with Melissa Ramsay’s new single Free. The singer-songwriter from Melbourne truly delivers with this carefree single which starts with a pop vibe but drops into a melodic hook, shimmering synths, and pulsing beat with airy vocals floating on top. Free is relatable with themes of anxiety, loneliness, and trying to drum up […]

Fialta Lifts Your Mood With Omg

Thu Oct 01 2020

“Omg I really gotta wake up” is something David Provenzano may be repetitively telling me, but waking up from this summery whirlwind of a rabbit hole is something I don’t want to do. The continued patchy thuds that blister this immediately catchy track give a unique, fun element and it’s vibrating and poppy. Omg is […]

Flex With The Paradigm Shift With Lately By Tay Rob

Mon Sep 28 2020

Flex with the paradigm shift with Lately by Tay Rob. He embraces a positive mind state with assertive lyrics projecting his thoughts as he awakes from an unintended slumber. The conscious instrumentals and beat compliment the rhyme schemes on the track as he references some of his idols on Lately, such as Jay-Z, Spike Lee, […]

Hannah Gross Pours Her Feelings Into New Single Tell Me

Tue Sep 22 2020

Hannah Gross pours her feelings into her new single Tell Me. Bittersweet acoustics and melancholic vocals make for a beautiful song. Unique, haunting sonics set it apart from a typical “sad gal love song” and the melody gets stuck in your head. Tell Me is more vulnerable and sorrowful compared to Hannah’s previous electro-pop releases […]

Eli Gosling Smashes 2020 With New Single Feelings For You

Sat Sep 19 2020

If there is one good thing to come out of 2020 it is Eli Gosling who has been smashing it with his flurry of memorable singles. And now he brings them all together in debut EP Blue Romance featuring lead single Feelings For You. The 4 track EP also features previous releases Angel, Criminal Love, […]

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