Get Tangled In Olivia Lunny's Bedsheets
Credit: Lane Dorsey

Cigarette inside your hand, wish you would hold me like that

Olivia Lunny’s new single Bedsheets is rooted in deep pain and longing. From the intoxicating opening of the acoustic guitar to the moment Olivia’s vocals kick in and that incredible first line, you are hooked. Olivia has created a song that is as addictive as nicotine and you want to breathe it in and hold it in your lungs. 

Do you think of me in your bedsheets, do they feel the same without me?

Olivia Lunny started out playing folk songs and you can see that influence in Bedsheets which combines both folk, indie, and pop aesthetics. There is a dreaminess as well as a foot-tapping which creates a sort of heartbeat. 

“The song came together spontaneously at 1 am during a night spent at the studio with AJ Healey this past December, hibernating as we worked on a full project to be released in the near future.
I shared an initial voice memo with AJ that sparked the concept for this song”  – Olivia Lunny

Bedsheets is about letting something go and how painful that is, but how it can also bring growth and positive aspects. It’s also about longing for someone, something, “leaving cos I gotta go, I’m leaving cos I hope to grow“.

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