Ora Violet's Feel The Same Is A Rollicking RideOra Violet’s Feel The Same is a rollicking ride from the get-go. The London-based rock group exudes a healthy dose of nostalgic rock n roll with their new single which produces a euphoric feeling.

I got it all
Against this wall
I’m full of shame
Do you feel the same?

The group released their debut single late last year ‘Honey, You Did It’ to much acclaim. This is only their second single but it feels like Ora Violet has been making music together for decades.

Feel The Same is so punchy and at less than 3 minutes you feel like you have hardly drawn a breath. It reels you in via sprawling, head-bobbing instrumentals, and gritty vocals. It’s a bold and memorable track from an exciting new band.

“Feel The Same is a story of mental struggle, of feeling unsatisfied despite having the perfect life on paper.”
– Ora Violet


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