OpenSoul Releases The Effortlessly Beautiful Nobody Else

by Grace Lovejoy

31st May, 2020

OpenSoul releases the effortlessly beautiful and heartfelt Nobody Else. It’s a track that will surely have you wrapped up in your feelings. Nobody Else perfectly depicts those conflicting emotions we can experience during the early stages of dating, all the way from the positive to the negative experiences.

Combining a hypnotic melody with a cool, relaxed beat, the perfect foundation is created for OpenSoul’s smooth and profound vocals that blow the listener away. Through elegantly written lyrics, OpenSoul expresses the feelings of excitement that comes with meeting someone new that you connect with, but also feelings of confusion when certain
mixed messages are received.

The way that you touch me​
Your hugs and your kisses​
You make me feel that I am special​
The way that you look at me​
Makes every bone in me
Knows that our love has potential​

As a multitalented artist that has a passion for creation and entertainment, I can safely say this will not be the last we hear from OpenSoul.

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