Produkt x Rothstien Weave Lyrics Like Supreme WizardsProdukt x Rothstien weave lyrics like Supreme Wizards reminding us what hip-hop is all about. Their storytelling is impeccable and vivid as it is captivating with hard-hitting bars. The intensity of the delivery and musicality on the track is a throwback to classic hip-hop. Remember Mobb Deep?

Supreme Wizards features a masterful narrative over a chilled sample you just want to get lost in. The Bronx rapper has crafted a dynamic track (and it’s worth checking out previous releases for more).

The two rappers are both accomplished with what they bring to the table. As solo artists, however, the duo brings something more. I’m personally looking forward to more collaborations with these two.

It’s great that artists are keeping to the ethos of the culture. Supreme Wizards is an introspective track that bangs hard.

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