Lost Gen Play Pretend On Their New Single

by Lucy Lerner

22th May, 2020

LostGen Play Pretend on their new single. It’s a chilled-out affair with the boys as they drop a mellow hip-hop flow on the acoustics. The song is about the dismal global situation seen through the eyes of a child. The idea came about when Lost Gen moved to a cabin in the woods planning to refurbish it into a recording studio. Quarantine started soon after and they had nothing else to do but write music and chill. With the days bleeding into each other, the time began to feel almost childlike.

“Fear and heartbreak are at an all-time high right now, but so is hope.
We may be throwing up, but the ride’s still fun”
– Lost Gen

There is a pleasing aesthetic to Play Pretend with clean acoustic lines, swirling melodies, and lucid vocals. The North Carolina based indie-pop collective exudes a leisurely tone with their new single. The trio plays their part with Jalen singing the hook and verse, Jadedsometimes on guitar, and Casimir singing the outro. Play Pretend was produced by GARÇON. It’s a great song you’ll want to have on repeat.

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