Òlah Bliss Finds Love Complicated With We Only Live Once

by Lucy Lerner

20th May, 2020

Òlah Bliss finds love complicated with We Only Live Once. She relays the tale of a one night stand after too much champagne and is not sure how to explain it to her boyfriend.

“you’re really cute, it’s such a shame, I don’t remember your fucking name”

The track starts with birds singing as she wakes up in another bed very early in the morning. Òlah manages to straddle the delicate line between sass and vulnerability. Her distinctive vocals reflect her emotions so much so we feel as if we are feeling the situation as it unfolds.

“I made a mistake,
We only live once and
You never know what’s gonna happen, no”

Òlah Bliss sings about real circumstances in a relatable way. We Only Live Once features her much-loved hip-hop beat with an inflected groove and a sultry R&B / dark-pop vibe. Òlah Bliss knows how to command the stage with her music. She could sing about taking out the trash and somehow put her unique stamp on it and make it sound exciting.

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