Notifi Shines On His New Track Close To YouNotifi shines on his new track Close To You, with the charm of a music veteran. He neatly blends different genres and sounds together, we are talking RnB, Soul, and Hip-Hop. And in so doing he creates an addictive and seductive track.

The overwhelming feeling of being lost and unsure about handling new experiences. This unfiltered track speaks out about topics that are usually omitted in conversations. It’s a self-discovery of “finding a balance between what I want and what’s best for the other person, and myself” this new feeling of anxiety, fear, and lust is vividly drawn out in this track. – Notifi

Close To You feels like a trip back in time with a modern twist and with Notifi’s stamp of identity. The lyrics are catchy and the flow smooth, mixing well with the laid back instrumentals. It’s a smooth groove I now have on repeat.

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