Premiere: Quincy Mumford Sets A Smooth Mood With COME THRU

Fri Oct 02 2020

Quincy Mumford sets a smooth, soulful mood with his new single COME THRU. A mid-tempo groove meanders through sleek neo-soul notes and dusky jazz instrumentals and Mumford’s caramel R&B vocals with a dash of rap elevate the track even further. It’s luxurious, sophisticated, and oh so easy to sink into. “This song is about the […]

Here With You By Halle Dot Winds With A Sweet Lonesome Mentality

Fri Aug 07 2020

Here With You by Halle Dot winds with a sweet lonesome mentality. The vocals from Halle swings with R&B sensibilities that mingle with precision on the jazzy instrumentals. Lyrics narrate a hopeful desire to be loved and show sweet vulnerability. The instrumental arrangement on Here With You is beautiful. It creates a neo-soul vibe with […]

Ben Beal Releases Exciting New Song Bluebird

Mon Jun 29 2020

Ben Beal releases exciting new song Bluebird featuring Kill Bill: The Rapper. The fusion of the hip-hop flow and jazz instrumentals on Bluebird by Ben Beal is a delight to behold. Ben’s flow and delivery are crisp and weave itself onto the beat flawlessly. Musically a lot is going on, but it does not come […]

Alizée Elevates You With Cloud9

Sun Jun 21 2020

Alizée elevates you with her new single Cloud9. Infusing neo-soul elements with her love for jazz and soul, Alizée’s style is captivating. Cloud9 is propelled by smooth, seductive vocals and fluid beats. Produced by keepingtabswithcolin, Cloud9 feels like sinking into white, fluffy clouds as you let the jazz instrumentals wash over you. Smooth sounds and […]

Blacknintendo’s Starbucks Sessions Is The Caffeine Hit We All Need

Sun Jun 14 2020

“I start my day out every morning with a trip to Starbucks to grab a grande vanilla latte with almond milk. This ritual usually gets the creative juices going.” Blacknintendo follows his 2016 album Whataburger Sessions with his latest project Starbucks Sessions. The Texas-based composer, producer, and performer expertly fuses jazz, hip-hop, funk, R&B, and […]

Mary’s Lies Is A Stylish Cocktail From Lou Berry x Eylia

Thu May 07 2020

Mary’s Lies is a stylish cocktail of Jazz and Nu-Soul from Lou Berry. Soul artist Eylia lends her whiskey-soaked vocals to the lush and soulful song which is as sultry as a hot summer’s night. Lou Berry is a singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Paris, and Mary’s Lies is his first release since his 2016 EP […]

Premiere – Another Side Of Joe Kenney Ft. Joy Ike

Wed May 06 2020

“Live another day, fight another day” Songwriter and pianist Joe Kenney enjoys fusing genres and he doesn’t disappoint with his new single Another Side. Classical jazz elements and soulful neo-soul textures are propelled by lithe piano and honeyed vocals courtesy of Joy Ike. Another Side is rich with feeling as it explores themes of overcoming […]

Experience Spatial Awareness With CIRCULATE By NÁPOLES

Mon May 04 2020

Experience spatial awareness with CIRCULATE by NÁPOLES as she concocts what we can only qualify as space poetry with urban soul. The Swedish songstress takes us on an interstellar journey of her thoughts, losing herself to ethereal possibilities. Her seductive vocals swim through the void of space and time, making her presence stand out. And […]

Andria Piperni’s Coming Home To You Is A Senusal Slow Jam

Fri Apr 17 2020

“When you’ve fallen in love with someone who truly makes you happy, your perspective of the world changes. Everything seems brighter, warmer, more colourful.” Coming Home To You is an intriguing introduction to all those who have never heard of talented and confident singer-songwriter Andria Piperni before. As soon as the beat drops in Coming […]

Mason Holiday Takes Us On A Soulful Spin One More Time

Sun Apr 05 2020

Mason Holiday takes us on a soulful spin One More Time. The acoustic guitar, bass, and softly-brushed drums are the perfect accompaniments, as the well-spaced strings whirl around Mason’s soft and delicate vocals. He manages to stop time during the performance. One More Time is not overbearing, letting the emotion trickle in droplets. The piano […]

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