oogie Oozes Creativity With New Song GUUD GUUD

by Marcus Adetola

24th February, 2020

UK hip-hop artist oogie oozes creativity and completely immerses himself in his art judging by his new song GUUD GUUD. It is the third song on oogie’s mini-EP ‘Big Beans’, which he produced, mixed, and mastered himself.

GUUD GUUD explores the doubts that creep into one’s mind when one is in a relationship with someone very special and everything is going well. The thought of feeling unworthy of love is a common feeling and a core-belief people have today. It is an interesting and relevant subject to talk about as it is prevalent in many relationships in society.

oogie’s sound is a chilled combination of R&B, nu-soul, jazz, and hip-hop. The deft songwriting, production skills match the soulful tune and laid back vocals. The adept wordplay and the melody are sweet playful and it makes for a memorable song.

oogie has created a unique, fun sound with GUUD GUUD which makes him stand out as a UK hip hop artist.

It is interesting to see where oogie’s creativity takes him next.

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