Premiere – Another Side Of Joe Kenney Ft. Joy Ike

by Lucy Lerner

6th May, 2020

Premiere - Another Side Of Joe Kenney Ft. Joy Ike

Premiere - Another Side Of Joe Kenney Ft. Joy Ike“Live another day, fight another day”

Songwriter and pianist Joe Kenney enjoys fusing genres and he doesn’t disappoint with his new single Another Side. Classical jazz elements and soulful neo-soul textures are propelled by lithe piano and honeyed vocals courtesy of Joy Ike. Another Side is rich with feeling as it explores themes of overcoming despair and believing things will turn a corner and you can reach another side, a better side “if you let yourself get there“. 

“Another Side (Ft. Joy Ike) was written about a time in my life where I needed to convince myself to not end my life, with constant affirmation that things would eventually be better, if I could just ‘live another day, fight another day.’ “ – Joe Kenney

The song is emotive but also spiritually uplifting as it makes you look at your own life with fresh eyes. The lyrics shine through the musical styles which are seamlessly stitched together.

Joe Kenney has excelled himself with this new single taken from a 10 track album which features six vocalists from his home town of Philadelphia. We are excited to learn he will be blending genres to appeal to a range of listeners. Another Side is just a delicious taste of what is to come later this year.

Another Side will be released on 8th May 2020. It is the first Single from Joe Kenney’s upcoming 4th album set for release in October 2020.

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