Esmé Releases Stunning New Single ‘come with me’

by Lucy Lerner

20th December, 2019

Esmé releases a very inviting new single in the form of ‘come with me’ which is part of her debut EP. The sumptuous track is very dear to the Australian singer-songwriter. Following 2-weeks of intensive recording in Brooklyn (NY) in 2018 with top producers Royce Wood Junior (NAO, Jamie Woon), Twilite Tone (Kanye West, Gorillaz) & Chris Penning, Esmé decided to ask German producer Amillian to add his special touch to the song to incorporate it into her forthcoming project and introduce new fans to her sound.

And what a sound – it is. You immediately fall into a pillow-like soundscape with a hip-hop beat and fusion of jazz and neo-soul. Esmé’s entrancing vocals peek through a haze of smoke and it is a highly accomplished song with a dream-like aesthetic, particularly hypnotic when Esmé repeats the lyrics, “come with me“, you feel like you are being beckoned to another world. The accompanying music video continues this theme with washed-out colours and slow-motion but it also introduces us to Esmé as an artist.

Esmé comments further, “After Brooklyn, it made sense to bring Come with Me into the family of new intimate electro sounds and heavier beats, she continues. Using the same vocal track, I worked with Amillian who got the vibe of it straight away, encasing the vocal track with the beautiful synth strings, swirling electric sounds, those heavy Billie Eilish type of beats and echoing vocals. Hearing it felt like swimming in a pastel coloured dream.

We can’t wait to hear more from Esmé in 2020.

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