Andria Piperni’s Coming Home To You Is A Senusal Slow Jam

by Terry Guy

17th April, 2020

“When you’ve fallen in love with someone who truly makes you happy, your perspective of the world changes. Everything seems brighter, warmer, more colourful.”

Coming Home To You is an intriguing introduction to all those who have never heard of talented and confident singer-songwriter Andria Piperni before.

As soon as the beat drops in Coming Home To You you are thrown into laid-back, Memphis Soul-style bliss. Andria Piperni’s new ballad delivers current, mainstream elements which contribute to its notable slow jam vibe. For instance, the Wurlitzer, alongside Andria’s Alt-Pop vocal keeps things not too traditionally Rhythm and Blues and pushes Coming Home To You in a much more radio-friendly direction.

This song is an ode to all that you never really appreciated before — the little things that make life beautiful. I hope it reminds you of how love can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

At times, Andria’s vocals have an authentic jazz influence. She will switch from the sensual vibes of R&B diva Tweet to the melancholic jazz works of Diana Krall.

We anticipate Andria Piperni’s next release will be a sassy and sexual number, which will delve more into a Neo-Soul world. However, for now, check out her new single Coming Home To You.

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