Premiere: Quincy Mumford Sets A Smooth Mood With COME THRU

by Lucy Lerner

2nd October, 2020

Quincy Mumford sets a smooth, soulful mood with his new single COME THRU. A mid-tempo groove meanders through sleek neo-soul notes and dusky jazz instrumentals and Mumford’s caramel R&B vocals with a dash of rap elevate the track even further. It’s luxurious, sophisticated, and oh so easy to sink into.

“This song is about the two voices in your head having a conversation. The positive side, the dreamer, and the negative side, the one that doubts you. This song brings you into the mind of the artist while the groove puts you in a state of bliss.” – Quincy Mumford

COME THRU is just perfect for a wet, grey Friday in Autumn. It sets the tone for chilled vibes, snuggling on the sofa with a loved one, and a glass or two of something to round the week off. Get ready to relax and put Quincy Mumford’s new single on repeat.

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