Amy SwiftI wanted to create a piece of music that sounds like how you feel when you’re with your person, in that place, their sensations and emotions completely engulfing you and you’re able to lose yourself.

Following the stunning ‘Every Little Thing,’ which we had the pleasure in premiering, Amy Swift returns with pure escapism in the form of her new single ‘Planets’ which takes you on an ethereal wave to deep space. She describes it as “dreamy” and “unravelling” and it does have that disconnected feel which leads us nicely into what the song is all about, “being lost in someone, feeling a connection that’s beyond just the two of you, it’s all-consuming, the feeling that you’re both connected to one another on a soul level“.

‘Planets’ is experimental R&B at its heart but Amy has incorporated other genres in its airy soundscape to create textured layers.

“I wanted to explore different sonics with this one, creating what is more of a beautiful building soundscape as opposed to your regular ‘song’. ‘It was an exploration of my favourite genres of music, with elements of R&B, Jazz and Trap all in there”.

It’s a really strong beginning of the year for Amy following a successful 2019 which saw her being awarded ‘Artist of The Month’ by the iconic Madison Square Gardens Group, supporting Natacha Atlas on her European Tour, as well as features on BBC Radio London and support from global tastemakers. The South Londoner is revelling in her new solo career having written for many other artists and fronting Universal-signed electro-soul act Pacific State.

The South-East Londoner is working on multiple projects with her producer ‘Nadeem’ and we can’t wait for her next release.

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