Erin Kirby’s Half In Love Is A Thoughtful Pop Ballad

Fri Jul 31 2020

Erin Kirby’s new single Half In Love is a thoughtful pop ballad about still having feelings for an ex despite being with someone new. It is fairly stripped back and the heart and soul lie in the expressive vocals and lyrics. “I’m half in love, I can’t give my whole heart to you, When somebody…

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Carter James Releases The Poignant Throw Me In The Sea

Fri Jul 10 2020

Carter James releases the poignant ballad Throw Me in the Sea, an expressive song about self-worth and mental health. It winds intimately with captivating melodies that capture forlorn emotions. The intense feelings of introspection are palpable as Carter James translates it effectively. The deep and conscious lyrics play a crucial and standout component in the…

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theajsound Confesses True Love With PROMISE.

Wed Jul 08 2020

theajsound confesses true love with PROMISE., a sentimental ballad that softly fills you with feelings of warmth and happiness. theajsound weaves delightful vocals on a backdrop of blissful instrumentals with electronic sound embellishments that capture the essence of the song. It is accompanied by pleasing lyrics that intensify the emotional feel of the track, making…

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Andreas Vey Finds Solace In The One

Mon Apr 13 2020

Andreas Vey finds solace in The One, a dreamy ballad that streams with effervescent emotions. It takes us on a melancholic journey of solace as Andreas Vey sings his verses with unparalleled excellence on the delicate piano keys. The lyrics insight degrees of uncertainty and longing, while Andreas’s vocals instill hope with every crescendo reached….

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Arya Yunata’s With Time Is A Promising Debut

Sat Apr 11 2020

With Time is the best way to kick start a promising career for multi-talented singer-songwriter Arya Yunata. His debut single With Time is delivered with simplicity, tenderness, and authenticity. Yunata’s beautiful, delicate vibrato at the end of each line, will deeply touch your soul in this touching ballad. With a similar, “swaying” groove on the…

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Kyle Valentino Doesn’t Want Us To Feel Alone

Wed Apr 01 2020

Alone is filled with sadness but also hope. Kyle Valentino saturates his new song with poignant lyrics and heartfelt vocals. A simple plucked guitar sets the mood and as the song carries on soaring strings add to the emotion and Rachel Philipp’s vocals halfway through adding another layer of sentiment to the track. “I wish…

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Ruby Jay Wows With Empowering Song Vivid Dream

Sat Mar 28 2020

Ruby Jay wows with her empowering new single Vivid Dream. The piano-driven ballad is inspired by the film, ‘The Greatest Showman’ and is a coming of age tale about trying to find yourself during your adolescence (although I think a lot of us adults can relate to it too.) Fake smile up and down the…

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Ryan Mcmullan Falls Hard In A Heartbeat

Fri Mar 20 2020

Ryan Mcmullan falls hard In A Heartbeat as he finds it difficult to let go of lost love. Poignant melodies dominate the theme of In A Heartbeat as Ryan’s lyrics are sentimental and grasping at straws and denying reality. His gusto makes you feel the emotions in his vocals. “It was written to sum up…

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Miles Horn Creates An Euphoric Feeling In ‘The Struggle Of Life’

Mon Mar 02 2020

Miles Horn creates an euphoric feeling in ‘The Struggle Of Life’. Singer-songwriter Miles Horn’s new single is an intimate dialogue with the world. It’s a sentimental ballad dealing with varying subject matter relevant to everyday life. Miles Horn comes across as an empathetic and insightful older brother. Not just because of the thoughtful lyrics, but…

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