Take It Home By Jenna & The Janes Is Lush Country Music From A Forlorn Era

by Marcus Adetola

22th July, 2020

The harmonies on Take It Home by Jenna & the Janes traverse space and time. The song reminds you of lush country music from a forlorn era. Jenna’s gentle vocals settle delicately on the guitar acoustics intrepidly filling the sparse spaces in-between. As the sweet and memorable melodies sink into your senses, the feel of nostalgia grows premeditatedly at a steady pace as you listen on. There is an eerie feel about it that is intoxicating, and it lingers with you even after the song ends. Take It Home flourishes with folk tendencies that leave you enamored by Jenna & the Janes.

Jenna & the Janes is a Brooklyn based band led by singer-songwriter Jenna Smith. Band members include Jenna (lead vocals, guitar), Kenny Florence (lead guitar, vocals), Michael Sanders (bass, vocals), & John Stallings (drums).

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