Photographer: Sean Brown

If I saw somebody dancing alone by the sea, in a long leather jacket, in near complete darkness…that might just scare me. However, Somali-Canadian artist Amaal makes all of that look beautiful, with the music video being set around mother nature herself.

Amaal has returned to music following much time spent on her activist work as the Goodwill Ambassador for Somalia Women and Children. Her long-awaited single ‘Not What I Thought’ was released on January 10th, 2019, making it one of the first songs of this year that is truly touching, with the music video being just as special. Her youthful and soft voice acts as a lullaby in your ear, making you feel as if it’s only you, Amaal, and the ocean.

Although some of natures most beautiful things are shot in the video for ‘Not What I thought’, Amaal’s beauty and therapeutic voice stand out the most. The powerful R&B ballad describes the end of a relationship, where a former partner can become a stranger – something many people can relate to. Although ‘NWIT’ is a ballad, allowing you to really feel your emotions and reminiscing on past relationships, the bass makes you move and dance, giving you the best of both worlds. The sun glistens across Amaal’s face towards the end of the video, leaving me stunned by her talent. I cannot wait to hear her new EP which is currently in the works.

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