Ryan Mcmullan Falls Hard In A HeartbeatRyan Mcmullan falls hard In A Heartbeat as he finds it difficult to let go of lost love. Poignant melodies dominate the theme of In A Heartbeat as Ryan’s lyrics are sentimental and grasping at straws and denying reality. His gusto makes you feel the emotions in his vocals.

“It was written to sum up a stage I think we all kind of go through sooner or later: the understanding that something that once was, is now no more. But even at the end knowing it still has a hold on you, so much so, that no matter how toxic it is, or how little sense it made, you’d still run back to it in a desperate attempt to salvage it.”
Ryan Mcmullan

Throughout the song, the instrumentals carry a sense of hope only to drop off suddenly, maybe  affirming the end of the journey. There is a sense of denial, accepting the end of the relationship. These emotions are well too prominent and relatable in situations where one unequivocally falls hard.

In A Heartbeat is the latest single to be taken from Ryan McMullan’s EP The Ruthless Cupid