Kyle Valentino Doesn't Want Us To Feel Alone

Alone is filled with sadness but also hope. Kyle Valentino saturates his new song with poignant lyrics and heartfelt vocals. A simple plucked guitar sets the mood and as the song carries on soaring strings add to the emotion and Rachel Philipp’s vocals halfway through adding another layer of sentiment to the track.

“I wish there was someone out there, I need something I’m barely holding on”

The theme might seem obvious but Alone tells the story of someone who might look like they are happy but they are wearing a mask. They don’t just feel alone, they feel lost and numb – like they don’t belong. However, sometimes the loneliest people know how to make others happy by putting a smile on their faces. Kyle Valentino was inspired by the film Joker for Alone which touches on issues of mental health. Kyle also uses music as an expression and outlet for his own feelings.

Intertwining harmonies and the feeling of solidarity make the listener feel like they are not quite alone anymore. Alone feels relevant more than ever right now with people around the world quarantined and in social isolation. We may feel alone and a little lost, but have faith, there is always hope.

“Oh I know how it feels to be alone”