Carter James Releases The Poignant Throw Me In The Sea

by Marcus Adetola

10th July, 2020

Carter James releases the poignant ballad Throw Me in the Sea, an expressive song about self-worth and mental health. It winds intimately with captivating melodies that capture forlorn emotions. The intense feelings of introspection are palpable as Carter James translates it effectively. The deep and conscious lyrics play a crucial and standout component in the song, as it is engrossing. Every section of the song, including the instrumentals, work in unison, melding smoothly and complementing one another.

“Throw Me in the Sea is a ballad about not feeling good enough. A lot of the song is me talking to myself, having a conversation about self-worth and mental health. I used recordings of the ocean as well as dialogue to create a background atmosphere in the track. This would be perfect for a late night drive or somber night of brooding. My goal is to openly express myself in the hope it makes people feel a little less alone.” – Carter James

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