Ruby Jay Wows With Empowering Song Vivid Dream

by Lucy Lerner

28th March, 2020

Ruby Jay wows with her empowering new single Vivid Dream. The piano-driven ballad is inspired by the film, ‘The Greatest Showman’ and is a coming of age tale about trying to find yourself during your adolescence (although I think a lot of us adults can relate to it too.)

Fake smile up and down the hall
People watching so your colors fall
So caught up in expectations you can’t change
Realize your imaginations never grey

The LA-based actress and singer Ruby Jay is only 15 years of age, but her acting career began when she was five and performed in the theatre before moving to TV and film. Vocally, she is known for her YouTube covers but released her debut song Cherry Pop and many more original songs soon followed.

The lyric video for Vivid Dream is simply beautiful and rather unforgettable with a strong message. It reiterates the feeling of discovering your identity and trying not to care what others think. Ruby Jay has expressive vocals that soar over stunning strings and the piano. She has an incredible career ahead of her and we look forward to following her journey of positivity.

“Get lost in a vivid dream”

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