theajsound Confesses True Love With PROMISE.

by Marcus Adetola

8th July, 2020

theajsound confesses true love with PROMISE., a sentimental ballad that softly fills you with feelings of warmth and happiness. theajsound weaves delightful vocals on a backdrop of blissful instrumentals with electronic sound embellishments that capture the essence of the song. It is accompanied by pleasing lyrics that intensify the emotional feel of the track, making it a firm wedding favourite.

PROMISE is reminiscent of the iconic ’90s song I Swear by All 4 One, sharing the same sentiments and vibe.

“I always wanted to write a ballad that would work beautifully as a wedding song; just as much as one that would be a tear-jerker, while you’re sipping on a coffee and reminiscing about a long, lost relationship. With PROMISE. I focused on the aspects of falling in love that I absolutely crave. I took experiences from my last relationship and remembered how hard and fast I fell. And on the other hand, I also took stock of how hard it has been to get over it. I used that to preserve the thread of sadness that runs through the love song” – theajsound

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