Insane By Sabrina Francis Conjures A Feeling Of Summer And Joy

Tue Sep 15 2020

Insane by Sabrina Francis conjures a feeling of summer and joy. There is a delightful rhythm to the song which just makes you want to swing your hips. Vocals are as soothing as honey and lyrics radiate friendship, family, dancing, and enjoying life to the full. This song is just what we need in our…

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Someone To By Martinas Mixtape Is The Epitome Of True Love

Sun Sep 13 2020

Someone To by Martinas Mixtape is the epitome of true love. The Neo-soul/ R&B band from Sweden has captured the essence of a nostalgic love song once again following their last sweet release Old School Love. Someone To is the second single from their upcoming EP. It features candied vocals, dreamy, soulful instrumentals, and just…

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Nicole Chambers Hides Her Emotions In New Single I’m Fine

Sat Sep 05 2020

I said that I’m fineDon’t ask me again Nicole Chambers hides her emotions in her new single I’m Fine. Her supple jazz-tinged vocals soar over scintillating R&B with a dollop of gooey neo-soul. Chambers has created a memorable track in I’m Fine which is essentially about hiding your feelings behind a smile even when you…

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Boyan x Lina Nikol Drop Soulful Song My Time

Wed Aug 12 2020

Boyan x Lina Nikol drop the soulful song My Time. Both artists of Bulgarian nationality collaborate to produce a piece of mesmerizing music. Producer Boyan crafts honey-sweet instrumentals that act as the perfect backdrop to the divine Lina Nikols. She lays silky smooth vocals that swoon with a timeless appeal. The fluid mix of the…

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Knife By Dana Williams Weaves An Epitome Of Joy

Thu Jul 23 2020

Knife by Dana Williams weaves an epitome of joy as she severs ties in an unhappy relationship. Dana’s quirky vocals simmer with an ambiance that radiates delight on the groovy instrumentals. Knife flourishes with the breath of newfound freedom in both sound and visuals. The in-depth lyrics resonate with Dana’s cadence coming across as soulful….

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7even Daze Releases Powerful Track Down

Fri Jun 19 2020

Up and coming Los Angeles R&B artist 7even Daze brings us the incredibly powerful track Down that touches on topics such as heartbreak, loss, sacrifice, and newfound strength. It is wrapped up in a delicious R&B and Soul coating. Beginning with an enchanting and delicate piano melody that has a dreamy, fairy-tale like quality, as…

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IsaacO Seeks Closure With New Single Grief

Tue May 26 2020

IsaacO seeks closure with new single Grief, as he reflects on a broken relationship. It’s a nostalgic song with an overflow of emotions that spill from both the vocals and the guitar acoustics. IsaacO’s crystal clear vocals stand out as unique and captivating, and the song conveys feelings of heartbreak vividly. The melody seeps into…

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Notifi Shines On His New Track Close To You

Sun May 24 2020

Notifi shines on his new track Close To You, with the charm of a music veteran. He neatly blends different genres and sounds together, we are talking RnB, Soul, and Hip-Hop. And in so doing he creates an addictive and seductive track. The overwhelming feeling of being lost and unsure about handling new experiences. This…

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