Knife By Dana Williams Weaves An Epitome Of Joy

by Marcus Adetola

23rd July, 2020

Knife By Dana Williams Weaves An Epitome Of Joy

Knife by Dana Williams weaves an epitome of joy as she severs ties in an unhappy relationship. Dana’s quirky vocals simmer with an ambiance that radiates delight on the groovy instrumentals. Knife flourishes with the breath of newfound freedom in both sound and visuals. The in-depth lyrics resonate with Dana’s cadence coming across as soulful.

it was the happiest day of my life
just like the perfectly sharpened blade of a knife

The visuals for Knife have a retro feel which reflects Dana’s vocals. She shot the music video during the pandemic while she isolated in her Los Angeles home. There is a purity to Dana’s style and Knife is a very expressive song.

“I wrote this song about breaking free from a toxic situation. I was experiencing such joy and creativity with this feeling of newly found freedom. The satisfaction of cutting ties can be like using a perfectly sharpened knife to a cook.” – Dana Williams

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