Dreamer Is The Therapeutic New Song From Mermaid

by Marcus Adetola

20th April, 2020

Dreamer is the therapeutic new song from Mermaid. It is an enthralling and captivating song with beautiful tones.
Candace Quarrels and Brittany Campbell have fused elements of R&B, folk, and soul to create a unique sound that is healing in itself.

It’s the way their voices dance like nightingales in mating season and the instrumentals represent the wind that serves as their eternal audience. The comforting effects of their tones surreptitiously seep into your skin, eventually washing over you. It’s like falling into a pleasant dream. The visuals for Dreamer also have a relaxing effect on the way it has been filmed with bright colours and the couple singing closely with affection.

Mermaid is currently working on an LP with Matthew Otto (Moses Sumney, Solange) as well as King Michael Coy (Anderson Paak. H.E.R.) set for release sometime early 2021.

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