Insane By Sabrina Francis Conjures A Feeling Of Summer And Joy

by Lucy Lerner

15th September, 2020

Insane by Sabrina Francis conjures a feeling of summer and joy. There is a delightful rhythm to the song which just makes you want to swing your hips. Vocals are as soothing as honey and lyrics radiate friendship, family, dancing, and enjoying life to the full. This song is just what we need in our lives right now.

In Insane Sabrina Francis cleverly fuses genres from electro-pop, R&B, and soul with a vibrant Caribbean kick.

“This is as close to Soca as I can get, oozing the pure joy of living in the Caribbean. Insane is also influenced by my inspirational trip to South Africa.” – Sabrina Francis

Keep the Indian summer going with Insane’s melodic lyrics, soulful vocals and infectious beats.

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