You Know Who x The BLK LT$ Drops They Don’t Know

by Marcus Adetola

14th April, 2020

You Know Who x The BLK LT$ drops They Don’t Know, a feel-good summery track with a pulsing groove. This is the latest release from the London based soulful electronic production duo instrumentalist Sampl, and Grammy-nominated music producer, Joey Dyer.  Canadian singer-songwriter The BLK LT$ provides the Soulful RnB vocals. 

They Don’t Know is a colourful dance-themed track that takes you back to simpler times of having over-indulgent fun without any worries of what tomorrow may bring. It would be nice to enjoy the track to its full potential. However, we don’t have to wait until a semblance of normalcy returns and can enjoy dancing solo to They Don’t Know in the meantime.

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