Sansha Releases Conceptually Heartfelt Track When U Move Home

Sun Oct 11 2020

With straight-to-the-point lyrics about how much she misses her brother since he moved out of the family home and an effortlessly, soothing voice, Sansha’s fusion of both her vocals and unique music production is the perfect, Alternative, Electro-Pop combo, showcased on the new single When U Move Home. It is these elements which make Sansha’s […]

Premiere: Amberlake’s New Single Gold Dust Sparkles With Pop Euphoria

Fri Oct 02 2020

Amberlake’s new single Gold Dust sparkles with pop euphoria and is dipped in glittering nostalgia. Dreamy, throaty vocals courtesy of EMMA coat radiant synths and a warm, spacious soundscape. Gold Dust conjures the feeling of youthful romance and feeling free. Amberlake offers more insight into what inspired him to write such a radio-ready track: “After […]

Stark x Ayoni’s All Out Of Love Screams Of Summer Bliss

Mon Aug 10 2020

Stark is a musician and producer who is not afraid to combine genres, and his distinctive fusion of tropical house, reggaeton, and disco work perfectly on his new track All Out Of Love which delivers one of the catchiest hooks of the summer. The song features Barbadian pop singer Ayoni’s smooth, sensual voice which during […]

Add Meyta x Shib’s Where Is It To Your Chillout Summer Playlist

Mon Jul 27 2020

Talented dance music producer Meyta excels in his distinctive fusion of throwback urban beats under current pop production. This is showcased on his new track Where Is It where we find the experimental musician dropping tropical house-influenced synths, alongside percussive, alternative electro vibes. Featuring vocalist Shib (reminding us of the times when Alison Goldfrapp has […]

Zhero Expresses Himself In Heartfelt Song Mama

Fri Jun 26 2020

Listening to Zhero’s sound on his new single Mama, it is no wonder that the multi-talented songwriter and producer is inspired by alt-pop artists such as Lana Del Rey and Troye Sivan. He composed Mama to tell his mother about his plan to go to London and follow his dreams. Zhero incorporated 80s sounds into […]

Blacknintendo’s Starbucks Sessions Is The Caffeine Hit We All Need

Sun Jun 14 2020

“I start my day out every morning with a trip to Starbucks to grab a grande vanilla latte with almond milk. This ritual usually gets the creative juices going.” Blacknintendo follows his 2016 album Whataburger Sessions with his latest project Starbucks Sessions. The Texas-based composer, producer, and performer expertly fuses jazz, hip-hop, funk, R&B, and […]

Astræa Releases Dramatic Pop Piece Tonight I Run

Thu May 21 2020

After working with everyone from Jack Savoretti to Ward Thomas and arranging strings for Lewis Capaldi, Tonight I Run sees Astræa staking her claim on the territory which is rightfully hers. You’ve heard Astræa’s work before, even if you don’t know her name yet. She’s one of the industry’s go-to producers, no mean feat for […]

Dencade Releases Debut Single See You Around

Thu May 21 2020

Producer Dencade releases his debut single See You Around, an emotive ballad with airy notes. Marc croons on the vocals as he wistfully depicts a relationship that has broken down. See You Around is ethereal pop which delivers a soothing cadence with soft acoustics and gentle vocals. Dennis Linsi is a young Producer from Zurich, […]

Explore The Poetic Soundscape Of Both By Tatum Gale

Fri May 08 2020

Explore the poetic soundscape of Both by Tatum Gale. It’s a melting pot of enticing sounds that conjure an air of melancholy that is intoxicating, making you willingly submit to it. The electronic instrumentals induce a dream-like feeling while the soft vocals gently blow on you like an autumn breeze. The lyrics are poetic and […]

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